Welcome to Lock Lane Wildlife Garden and Community Garden

The Wildlife garden opened in March 2011

A group of volunteers have work very hard since the opening
ASDA community workers are giving time to our project by working in the garden
We have a bird feeding station and bird look out with seating, nice area for taking photographs of the wildlife

The meadows have bloomed this year, we have now decided to grow plants from cuttings, bulbs, seeds etc. to cut down the cost.

We are on the lookout for Grants to replace some trees purchase blue bells in the green and a professional brush cutter

we hope to set some of the plants in 2014

We also had a grant from WMDC community Chest of £760 to erect a fence around the bird feeding station.

BullfinchBullfinch on a coconut feeder

 SqirrelA squirrel  looking for breakfast 


                                                                                         Flowers in meadow


ASDA ADC and CDC Distribution Centre's have each donated £150 making s a total of £300

Asda have given us much needed help over the last year this money will help us to maintain the garden

Below presentation from GM Paul Mackay

We had help from Both ASDA depots on Wednesday 21st May

It was a very hot morning they all worked very hard to to cut a large area of brambles down.

We are not sure whether we are doing a feature or grassing it, this is as you enter from William St

The Community Garden

We raised £72,000 from WREN and Community Spaces to improve the garden new paths and fence Children designed 8 panels in the fence, raised flower beds with small shrubs Local school children help to set summer flowers

We have planted some flowers this month May 2014

T C V (The Conservation Volunteers)

The students from the training section have built a stone wall and laid a brick path in the wildlife garden

Volunteer's helping

We have a small group of volunteers that help in the gardens every Wednesday, anyone wishing to help for an hour or two please contact by phone on 9571 974174 or mail rod.rayner@hotmail.co.uk

Thursday 28th May 2015

15 Children enjoyed a nature walk starting form Lock Lane Community Centre over to the canal visiting the Marina boat yard they was given a tour by Shane a director and Tony employee, they then walked to Bullholme Lock and crossed over the river and walked to the Wildlife garden, they had a questioner about boats dry dock and nature.

After the walk they tucked in to sandwich's and cakes.

We hope to do this again next year


This Morning Wednesday 3rd May I was presented with £250 from ASDA, we won £200 from ADC depot and £50 from CDC depot, this will help to buy plants tools etc for the Wildlife garden.

Four Season Garden Plants, have kindly donated about a 100 plants for the wildlife garden.

We had some power tools stolen from our container, the hinges were cut through, the thieves left it looking like it was closed, it was left in a dangerous condition, if unlocked it would have fallen on them, lucky enough it was noticed.

We managed to get a grant of £500 from Neighborhood Improvement Fund to cover some of the cost thanks to our local Councilors

T Wallis, D Jeffery and R Forster.

We have raised enough funds  to replace some of the equipment stolen.

We no longer leave power tools in the container

 Received a £50 donation from a person that appreciate the work our group puts into the wildlife garden,

 the money will be used towards tools that was stolen.